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Buku For the Visitor at Mass, SSPX?

Malam ini saya menerima komentar di post terdahulu sbb:

Anonim mengatakan...
for the visitor at mass punya sspx tuh...cieee...

Sepintas, komentar ini bernada gurau (dan semoga saja saudara Anonim memang berniat gurau).
Akan tetapi, nanti para pembaca yang lain, yang mungkin tidak tahu mengenai status ir-reguler SSPX dan pernak-perniknya; akan bertanya-tanya, dan umumnya jawaban standar yang beredar adalah "SSPX adalah skismatik."
Dan seterusnya.. dan seterusnya... Dan akhirnya bisa saja memancing perdebatan tak perlu (sudah terjadi di banyak forum Katolik).

Lalu, dari sepintas "gurauan" dan debat tak perlu, akan muncul image bahwa misa Tridentina adalah misa yang bla bla bla  (fill in the blank).
Dan tambah jauhlah panggang dari api untuk menghadirkan misa ini di Indonesia.

Yang pertama saya jelaskan:
ini adalah buku yang mengenalkan Misa Kudus dalam bentuk ekstra ordinaria. Itu saja.

Review paling netral setahu saya adalah dari Pater John Zuhlsdorf di sini

The Angelus Press, publishing arm for the SSPX, has put out a very nice, very helpful little booklet designed precisely For the Visitor at Mass.  
There are many photos to exemplify the actions of the Mass, taken at a church in Kansas City, MO.  I hope in a new edition some of the photos might be improved.  There are a few focus problems.  But all in all the photos are well chosen to show what is going on at Mass.

"But Father! but Father!", a few of you are probably gasping. 
"Are you suggesting that this is a good book when it is published by those schismatics?  I thought we couldn’t have anything to do with Lefebvrites!"
First, of all, leaving aside the term "schism", if a book is good, it’s good.  This is a great little tool. 
There is nothing polemical in it at all.  Even in the introductory section, where there might have been some shots fired there are only helpful explanations. 

Second, it is certainly permissible to buy books from a non-Catholic publisher, so long as they are decent. 
Why shouldn’t one be able to purchase them from a publisher which is Catholic, even though the unity of the group with Rome is not perfect? 
Also, if it is permissible when attending a Mass of the SSPX (provided that the motives are proper – and I do not recommend Communion unless your circumstances are such that it is appropriate) to make a small contribution at offertory time, why could not one buy a book? 

Catholics can engaged a non-Catholic construction firm to build a church, so why can’t we purchase books from a publisher of Catholic books to build the faith, even if the publisher’s associations are not in perfect unity? 
Also, I cannot think of any similar book printed by any group in more perfect and manifest union with Rome

Were there something similar or better, I would have to give that greater consideration.  In the meantime, this is a wonderful tool.

Third, it seems to me that the attitude of "embargo" against any Angelus Press products, simply because of the association of the SSPX, is really contrary to the spirit in which our Holy Father Pope Benedict has given us Summorum Pontificum.  Someday, I hope, there will be more perfect, manifest unity. In that case, we should desire that the Angelus Press be sound and strong, for it will then be truly helpful in a much wider context.  I act in that hope.

I think that parishes where the TLM is celebrated could use this useful and inviting little booklet.  Perhaps pastors of parishes might contact Angelus Press to see if they can get samples.  I think they will be favorably impressed.

Selesai membaca penjelasan Fr. Zuhlsdorf , kita nikmati preview halaman-halaman dalam buku tersebut:
(foto dari Angelus Press, klik pada image untuk memperbesar)

Masih diperlukan relawan untuk menterjemahkan 

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